Leavitt Risk Partners (LRP) is a surgeon-centric organization. We believe quality outcomes in surgery are all about you, the surgeon. Years of data demonstrates the surgeon, not the patient or the facility, has the greatest impact on outcomes.

Benefits of being a BLISCare Provider
Our mission is to help improve access to surgery and improve the outcomes of those surgeries. LRP is out to take away the two primary barriers for access to surgery–risk and cost. BLISCare is designed to break down these primary obstacles so the provider can do more cases and at improved margins. Leavitt Risk Partners is able to accomplish this by:
  • Equipping BLISCare providers with a unique, proven and powerful insurance solution that enable the surgeon to protect their patients, their payers, and themselves from complication related medical costs.
  • Encouraging patients and payers to choose a BLISCare provider based on their unique ability to include complication protection.
  • Providing financing tools that make it easier for patients to access care through a BLISCare provider.
  • Creating networks of BLISCare providers in order for payers to send their cases to a BLISCare provider so they can enjoy the benefits of high quality procedures and complication protection.
Benefits of being a BLISCare Provider
Becoming a BLISCare Provider
Our Client Services team will discuss with prospective providers how to qualify to become approved as a BLISCare policy holder. The following process is undertaken to become a BLISCare provider:
  • Establish Eligibility – Providers must specialize in a BLISCare selected surgical specialty by demonstrating case volume at or about 50 percent within their specialty. Lifetime and annual case minimums must be met.
  • Complete a BLISCare Underwriting Application – Information required includes educational history, case volume history and complication data among other items.
  • Undergo Review of Application – The LRP underwriting committee reviews surgeon applications to determine approval.
  • Customize Your BLISCare Protection Package – LRP works with surgeons who have been approved by the underwriting committee to select the protection packages appropriate for their practice.
  • Implementation and Support – An LRP team member will provide materials and training to help implement and support the BLISCare program, patient reporting, payment process and more.
  • Continuous Evaluation – Once approved and actively reporting surgical cases to LRP, each surgeon is continuously evaluated on their experience in comparison to all the other BLISCare physicians around the country who are performing the same Covered Procedure.   The physicians ability to stay in the BLISCare program is solely based on this ongoing, data driven, transparent evaluation. 
Becoming a BLISCare Provider