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BLISCare Surgical Complication Protection

BLISCare is an innovative, one-of-a-kind insurance available to “best-in-class” physicians. BLISCare is not health insurance, rather it protects the patients of a BLISCare insured surgeon against covered complication related medical expenses should they occur form a BLISCare covered procedure. It works like a financial backstop. Protection from medical bills due to a surgical complication comes with what you buy when you choose a BLISCare physician to perform your surgical case.

With BLISCare, the physician is able to make a commitment that, should the patient suffer a covered surgical complication, the patient will have access to additional medical care up to the procedure benefit limit. BLISCare is available in plans that cover this risk for up to 60 months following surgery.

BLISCare Surgical Complication Protection